Sunday, June 5, 2016

Old Souls

I've wondered about this before, that "The System of Life" for our earth works to repopulate with old souls for mankind to grow. I encountered the thought some years ago and it has stuck with me. As human population grows, some newborns are given old souls, from those that have lived before, and the wisdom and talents that come with that prior life experience. Some, many, as our population grows, are given new souls, because there are not enough old ones to go around... Souls that don't know nothin', but are thrust into this world to begin their maturity towards more enlightenment. I like the concept to explain why there are some people that do such stupid things in life that hurt other humans. Those are the new souls, stumbling their way along. Then, there are the Joey Alexanders.  60 minutes had a feature on this 12 year old Bali born jazz phenomenon this evening. You can't believe how this young man plays the piano. If this old soul concept has verity, it is displayed by Joey. Google him and see and listen.
I do love this old soul concept. Have you ever felt that, as you were experiencing something, that you had, at some time, done it before? Or heard someone say about their child or their student, or a friends or relatives child, They have an old soul? I enjoy dwelling on this, especially when encountering a Joey Alexander. I think I might be a, maybe, 3rd generation old soul. Started out as a Spanish guitar made by a luthier who put his own soul into the creation of the instrument. I inherited the feel if not the playing technique. Are you new? Are you old? Check out Joey Alexander.

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  1. This is a topic that I've pondered since I was an early teen. I've read of accounts where very young children will ask where their wife is. Part of the selection process for a new Dalai Lama includes having a toddler select items belonging to his predecessor. And then we have the child prodigies with amazing musical talent. Maybe I can master the banjo on my next pass through.