Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Still drinking at the bar...Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Jackson, Wyoming
This place is an American icon and I was excited to see it once again having visited last in the seventies, Cathy, as you can see, took off without me in the nineties then again a few years ago to try and lasso herself a cowboy. Thankfully, it didn't work out and she came back to me both times. The main bar has saddles to sit in rather than bar stools. There are 36 “place settings” along the bar with each setting having a circle of 16 silver dollars inlaid into the bar. It is such a great place to saddle up and have a beer. Although, the million is an exaggeration. Average silver dollars are bringing about $45 each on ebay. 16 x 36 x $45 is about $26,000. But who’s counting? I’m sure if the bar was for sale it would bring well over a million. 

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