Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Heard On Local News

Dateline: Vernal, Utah. The southern Utah town of Hilldale was on the news this evening. It is a Mormon Polygamist town. The news item was about legal action being taken against the local law enforcement folks.  Seems like they have been antagonizing the free speech rights of the sign people, as you might imagine a town like this would attract…and getting physical to getting those sign folks moving on. Local law says in response to criticism….”we are dealing with non-believers in a proper manner”. Non-believers... I confess, I am one.  I might imagine, being in your twenties, how a guy could be interested in having more than one. But anybody our age have more than one wife? Oh, to even think about it... Alright, who put the new toilet paper roll on with the feed from the bottom? The feed always comes over the top! Yeesh! 

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