Friday, October 7, 2016

An Ozark Morning

We drove over to Branson,MO, yesterday from our camp here at Table Rock Lake, just over the southern state border in Arkansas. It is one of the many finger lakes of the Lake of the Ozarks system nestled within the gentle hills of the spreading Ozark Mountains. I played golf and Cathy went to a Branson show. A dance show mimicking routines by Astaire, Garland, Kelly and more. The crowd at both golf and show were primarily of the generation that preceded us first-wave Boomers and came between that magnificent generation of World War II age. Branson, as an entertainment capital of America, seems to have been created for these middle folks and we felt young!! It is a world of regular performances by former front line hit wonders of country music and mimics of legendary multiple hit performers. As mentioned blog before, it is the corny country capital of americana down home humor. The other shows beyond music and dance are comic interpretations of life in America's backwoods hills. Homer and Jethro here to tell you why they are going to do a write-in vote for Twobuck the Bloodhound for our next "Prezeedent". For us, it is loving life in America and is all here for a reason, as the draw of the beauty of Nature abounds. The lakes spread through the mellow valley areas. Being around water is good for us humans. The views of distant wooded hills remind us of interior Maine. The forests are no longer the evergreen, cottonwood and aspen spreads of our US west. Here we have hardwood forests of hickory, maple, oak and more. Thick and healthy save for the attacks of the tent caterpillars seen roadside in our drives to and around here. So it is our third lovely morning here which starts with me opening a cereal box wondering why, after all these years of cereal carton packaging technology, that my new box again rips apart upon trying to gently open and the fold-back-in to reseal feature is once more made worthless. Then, I go to put our trash roadside for the daily pickup, (a very nice convenience we have at this site), And I return a wave from a jogging-by elder female camper wearing headphones. She was singing at theater stage volume to her music as she pranced by, giving me, with garbage bag in hand, a grand wave good morning. This is life with humans and I love it. Some nice Campsite morning Ozark pics.

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