Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Branson, Missouri

We have arrived in Ozark country, Lakes and Mountains. Just south of the Missouri border in Arkansas. We are at the Ozark RV Resort at Table Rock. It is one of the more rare places that deserve their self-described resort status. We are on a lake and the place is beautifully landscaped. Amenties abound. We sure wish there was more of this for RV travel. Sad truth is, it is a world of gravel for the majority of RV parks. Dust and dirt plus the little rocks get stuck into the crannies of your shoe soles. It takes some getting used to but it becomes part of the way of life we’re living, travel for what is around the neighborhood, not the neighborhood itself. Back to being here, in part it is for Branson and other attractions close enough by but mainly for living this place for the next nine nights. Home it shall be. Here’s a couple of photos of our surroundings. Ah yes, Branson, MO. Hee Haw capital of America. Limestone caves abound in this part of the US. One local cavern had an area big enough to build a dance floor years ago and in the fifties, underground square dancing became a rage. Then the performance era began with a “live in the streets” battle enactment of the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys. That Country flavor has stayed with the enormous growth in entertainment venues here. But it is Hee Haw stuff mostly. Remember the old Country TV show? Bad humor generously termed “corny”. Arriving from the north, out of Springfield, MO, the billboards started along the way. 100’s of them. Twenty alone from a comedy duo who sport big black frame fake glasses and bright orange ballcaps with the brow turned up. Probably will not go see them. You can see most any of the classic Country Music stars, by impersonator performance. There is a staged reenactment of the life of Moses. Yup…that Moses. “Live”, on stage. Ah yes, Branson. Had to see it. Why Not? It’s America! Will report more of it as our days ahead develop.

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