Sunday, October 16, 2016

Join Me For A Bike Ride Around Catherine's Landing

My dear, trip planning spouse, found us another gem to park for a few days. I have mentioned before our RV experience has proven to be more it is not where you park it is where you are. We camp to be close to things we want to do and see and so very often we are at the gravel lot kind of RV park. Once in awhile, ( a couple recently), we park our rig in a very nice spot. So here we are at Catherine's Landing RV Park on an arm of Lake Hamilton at Hot Springs, AR. If you are at all curious about this adventure we are on in regards to accommodations, here we are in pics. Our site. The campground. They have cottages and Yurts for non RV'ers. And other things: This is all very different from this view from the back of our site in a camp we stayed as a one night stopover a couple weeks back in Kansas. The things are blades for those giant electric turbine windmill towers. We backed up to the storage facility.

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