Friday, October 14, 2016

My Almost Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair

We are unexpectedly in Alma, Arkansas. Having an electrical issue with the truck communicating with the brakes on the 5th wheel. Vilia, our 5th Wheel RV, went into the shop today to have the brake system checked. They said it's okay. Next, in a few days, the truck will go into shop to have the brake control system checked. The RV brakes are electric, powered by electro magnets that power the calipers into function when I step on the truck brakes. A relay switch says that Bob is stepping on the brakes and sends a varying signal to the trailer, (depending on how hard I am applying pressure), and then the magnets pull the brake pads into contact to help the slow down and/or stopping process. It is quite important. Vilia weighs about 12,000 pounds. Can't rely on just the truck to get us stopped. It has just developed and has been an intermittent problem. Sometimes working, sometimes not. The worst kind of problem. These are the ones that do not work when you are alone, but when you bring into a mechanic, it works fine. Hope Ford can find the issue in the truck in a couple days in Hot Springs, AR. where we head to tomorrow....carefully. So here in Alma, we are camping about 75 yards from a Cracker Barrel. I walked over tonight to get a few light items, not easy to find on their menu, for take out for dinner back at the coach. Famous for their front porch rocking chairs, I noted the sign, "20% off adult rockers". Oh, if I had the room in Vilia. I would love to sit rocking and greeting our fellow transient neighbors and be able to proclaim that, indeed, it is confirmed. I am only 20% off my rocker.

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