Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Towns of Arkansas

This state has some of the best town names I've come across. Would love to visit them all, but that will not happen, we're just riding through, with some side trips. Of the towns... Pea Ridge; Self, (1800 something...I'm naming this town after me!); Tontitown, (But Kemosabe, it is Tonto); Zinc; Eros, (I'm staying away for the sake of my marriage); Bellafonte, (Did Harry get his stage name here?); Hasty; Heth, (With a lithp, a winery I worked for, Heth Collection); Parthenon, (must be proud of their architecture); Hogeye....why? Bullfrog Valley; Y City, (you need to ask?); Earle, (see above....I'm naming this town after me and got it right this time); Success, (where you want to be from); Marmaduke, (could it be where the great dane comic strip is from? I'm not checking Wikipedia....)

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