Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goodbye Tucson

Tucson is a good city. One of the best I have been to in the US. It seems well run with an upbeat feel. Many, many community activities always going on. Traffic flow is some of the best I have ever experienced. Left turns are allowed via left turn lanes anytime during green at major intersections, (based on oncoming flow, of course…), then the dedicated left turn light comes after the cycle. In that way, cars collect safely in the intersection middle knowing they’ll be able to turn as soon as the ongoing light becomes red.
As a city, it quickly transposes into suburban then desert countryside. It is easy to get away. Back in town, Tucson offers a nice selection of grocery options, restaurants and specialty stores. For example, our RV neighborhood has a very fine French bakery, two organic grocery options and Oink, within less than a mile radius. Oink?, it is a cafĂ©, perhaps in balance with the two natural food places, that proclaims itself, “Breakfast, Lunch and Bacon”. I have a to go order of Bacon from them in the freezer now awaiting defrosting and use in a midwinter BLT on baguette, frozen while still warm from our bakery.

That will help as we leave this place tomorrow, headed north only about sixty miles to Casa Grande, AZ for the month of February. We’ll have a different experience there and it will be fun to have a Tucson memory as we trade the city for the snowbird country of Casa Grande. The town swells 20,000 to 65,000 in winter for total residents. Cathy and I have done a lot of, “hey look, that’s us over there”, in our travels as we’ve seen many of our age group out doing what we are doing. I think we are going to be everywhere there. There have been many of us in Tucson also and it has been a comfortable stay. The frosting has been the amazing desert here. Really just spectacular. But, it is time for moving on. Tales of Casa Grande to follow!
Late afternoon sky and The Catalinas from our RV park awaiting the evening color wash. See ya', Tucson.

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