Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunset Culture

Along the way I have published a few pictures of sunrises and sunsets. What is a once in a while event in many parts of the country is commonplace here in the desert southwest. Clouds reflecting rich pastel colors set against impossible blues of the dry desert sky.
Tucson is surrounded by five groups of mountains. They all offer elevated views of skyline. I noticed that residents tend to gather, particularly on weekend evenings, at these viewpoints to watch the sunsets. Quiet groups watching Nature's prelude to night.
Here is the sunset from last night at our RV park.
Two nights ago we took a 6 mile guided hike at Saguaro National Park. It was a sunset/moonlight walk. Sunset Culture...We started in the afternoon and reached our highest elevation and halfway point as the sun was setting. Treated to yet another color show, we relaxed and ate our packed in dinner. We then hiked down by the light of the full moon. It was a pretty cool experience, walking by the desert landscape and tall saguaro in cameo against the moonlight. Cathy will have photos of that to follow.

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