Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Back In Vegas

It is time for another flight to Sacramento and a visit to our daughter and her family. Grandkid time. The closest airport for convenient flights was 130 miles from Lake Havasu to Las Vegas. We were here last summer en route to Zion and the other fabulous Utah national parks. It was 109 degrees and more then. Today will be in the 60’s. A touch more comfortable… We are staying for 12 days, and then will put Vilia into temporary storage at the campground here and it is off to the airport. Las Vegas is still Las Vegas, a most unusual city compared to the rest of the US.  One of the “features” here are the girlfriend getaways. Vegas is a destination for birthdays, engagement celebrations, etc. for packs of girl groups, mostly, I would guess, from Southern CA. We saw it last night at The Palms Casino, which has an Asian Cuisine restaurant we really like. In this day of seeing folks out and about in sweats, pajamas and yoga pants, (gratefully, men don’t wear yoga pants to the grocery store), these girl parties are something to see roaming the casino floors. Do they dress up! It is like prom night. All glamour dresses, makeup, hair and jewelry. It is nice to see and much better than what I hope I never see, men in yoga pants.

When we return, we will be headed for The Grand Canyon then back towards Colorado with stops along the way as we wind our way to where we will spend a good amount of this summer, The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

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