Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cigarette Boats

This type of monster boat is very popular here at Lake Havasu. They are dual engine and of mighty horse power. As in, two 500 HP, each engines. They are not equipped with much in the way of noise suppression. The long, v-shaped hull design has been around awhile. Wikipedia says boats of this type were once used to out run the feds to transfer liquor during Prohibition from off shore cargo ships to shore. Today's boats offer modern tech improvements, as you might expect. The instrument panel is replete with gauges and monitors of all sorts. They can go 80 MPH. They are heavy, I would suppose, to help them stay connected to the water at speed and not go flying into the air. I looked up one that weighed 11,000 pounds. It had a 280 gallon fuel tank, which is a good thing as it was rated at .87 gallons of fuel per mile traveled. The boat cost $400,000. This is not a hobby for those of moderate resources, or those worried about developing hearing problems.
Here's a google pic of one:

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  1. Horrible things. I put up with neighbors with loud obnoxious snowmobiles and ATCs who spend hours driving around in cicles. I wonder if any of these people actually take a quiet reflective walk i the wilderness.