Thursday, March 31, 2016

Desert Storm

Southwest style...
Sustained winds in the 40 mph range really whipped up the dust this week. It was stay inside time. Then, a slight rain shower passed and grabbed the dust from the air and splattered everything with it. Here's the hood of our truck! It did wash off easily.
While this was going on in Vegas, Cathy took a side trip in a rental car to Great Basin Nat'l Park and got snowed in by this large weather system! Chain law in effect and she had none. I know she'll add pics and notes coming up here.
We depart tomorrow for what will likely be a last time visit to our house in St Helena and Sacramento. In just a few month's time, our daughter's family will be heading to North Carolina, where we will ultimately join them after we get a few more thousand miles in roaming around the US. By the time we settle there, we'll have a new President. I wonder if it will be a Dummocrat or a Rubuplican.

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  1. Hi, you TWO1!! Trying to send a real NOTE, and wondered which address to use, as you will be back in St. Helena? Or should I use that other generic one(was it Wisconsin?) arg