Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Brenda Atvees

En route to Lake Havasu AZ, we have done a one-nighter at Brenda, AZ. The ATV's are everywhere. easily 60% of the crowd here at Desert Gold RV Resort has them. It gives a flavor to the place...The word resort is seriously overused and overdone in the world of RV camping parks. For one thing, resorts that I have been to and enjoyed did not use gravel for landscaping. But the All Terrain Vehicles roam like rumbling bumble bees. It is 8 AM, the noise curfew is done and the first two of the day just putted by. I can only guess there is some kind of desert driving course nearby for these things to go romp around in as they are out on the highway also. Arizona licenses them. I can only guess because I can't find anybody who is not moving to talk to. We arrived yesterday around 3 PM and the place was alive with the vehicles. Old couples with the wife sitting behind Pop, singles guys with little dogs riding with them, single gals with little dogs riding with them. Even a couple of families with his and hers wheels and the kids with them, (without helmets, shame...). All of them in motion.
We have done a few of these one night stays while in passage. It is a different style of stay. There are not any wonders of Nature to visit in the vicinity which is why we only stop one night.  The parks tend to be simple, (to barren), and they tend to have a trailer park element of a separate section of folks in permanent docile.We only have chosen a park with a site you can pull into rather than back in so we do not need to unhitch Vilia from our truck. I drop the leveling/stabilizing jacks on the 5th Wheel, plug in electric, hook up fresh water, extend the slides and we're home. In the AM it is much easier and quicker to tuck the girl in and be off and to an area that has nicer surroundings. Speaking of which, we have only heard good things about what's been created by Havasu as a destination spot. We are looking forward to discovering the area. Although, it is the largest West Coast Spring Break destination. That's what time it is. The college crowd will be there. By the thousands, we hear.

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