Monday, December 14, 2015

And The Snow Went On

This storm is not doing anything that was originally forecast. Rain, albeit cold rain, was said on news this AM to come in fast and that it did. It was to also exit quick. Gone by 2 PM. It is 4 now and the high of 51 has not made it past 40 degrees and the desert snow continues. Oh, wind also. I have been watching snow flying sideways from the window for over three hours now. It is fun. In our 4 decades in St Helena, we had snow twice that stayed on the ground for any length of time. Nothing is really accumulating here but there is a periodic ferocity about the flakes when the winds gust. I had wondered what the snow experience would be in Vilia the RV. It is just fine. Vilia is moderately well insulated. There are many seams that do allow cool air in but we have yet to feel any draft, even with hard winds. Our fake fireplace, which we thought corny at first, throws out a nice enough heat to take the edge off. When it gets going outside like today, the coach has a pretty efficient propane furnace that brings the temp up quickly.
With apologies to those living in places that get hit by real snowstorms, here's a pic of our neighbor's Jeep, and an improbable one of snow on cactus.

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