Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mad Onna

Hoping all who stop by this blog had a fine Christmas. We have been in Sacramento enjoying the view of this significant holiday through the eyes of our four, six and seven year old grand daughters. What a view it has been. Santa is quite the character. What he accomplishes in one night is a miracle.
Now, it is about to be 2016 years since the whole thing kicked off. Amazing.

We will be heading to St Helena to celebrate the birth of the new calendar with dear friends and then return to Arizona, dust off Vilia from where we left her in storage there, and resume the adventures.

While in Sac, we rented a house just a couple of blocks from our daughter's place. We did this through VRBO. Vacation Rentals By Owners. The young, (well, young to us...), lady whose house this is has dotted the house with some entertaining design elements. My favorite is this which is opposite the "throne" in the bathroom. Being who it is, I am not surprised she just stares. But really, wouldn't you turn your head in modesty?

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