Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Today I Wish This Was My View

Ah, Mauna Kea. Big Island Hawaii.
This morning, here at 3700 feet in Benson, AZ, we experienced the lowest temp in 1063 days for the area, according to Tucson TV station, KGUN. (I am guessing the call letters are a play on the Old West...shoot 'em up cowboy?). Anyway, it was 23 degrees.
I had disconnected our water hose from the coach last evening to avoid freeze damage at our connection. I should have thought to disconnect the hose and filter from the faucet as well and bring them inside. Lesson learned. The hose was frozen solid this AM. It took 2 hours of sunlight to warm it up enough to where the faucet would even turn. then a bit longer to where I could disconnect the hose. I carry a second drinking water hose and connected it so we could get water running inside. The main hose took another two hours before water would run through it. Our cold snap, while unexpected, has been enjoyable. Dry and crisp. Tonight, the hose comes inside, but it has to sleep on the floor...
Tomorrow, we move Vilia within our park to a storage lot and we head off to Tucson and the airport and fly to Sacramento for family Christmas Season time. Our grand daughters there are 3, 6 and close to 8. Perfect ages for The Best Christmas Ever!

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