Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We are in the great warrior's country here. Benson is in Cochise County Arizona. There is a National Forest site where you can visit the "Cochise  Stronghold" where the master strategist hid out for years.
After years of fighting with the Mexicans, Cochise was at first friendly to the advance of the white man into his West, but a bungling Calvary officer incorrectly accused him of a kidnapping that had occurred and Cochise created his hideout and his band of warriors and waged two decades of war against the white invaders. He never lost a battle. He was captured twice and escaped twice and was never incarcerated. He died a peaceful death.
His burial site has never been found. There is no existing photo of Cochise.
You know the game of who would you choose to meet if you could go back in time? I've just added Cochise to my list.

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