Monday, December 14, 2015

The Approaching Storm

I had the The Today Show on this morning mostly as background noise and the break for local, (Tucson),  weather caught my attention. The reporter was outside and talked about this fast moving storm front that had clouded over the city in the last fifteen minutes. Moving to the southeast. Benson is 45 miles southeast of Tucson so we are in the path. At 10 AM local, this is the view from the hill where our RV park is. Here it comes! As part of my delight with Nature, weather is a particular fascination. I likely could have enjoyed a career as a meteorologist. Just after this shot, the frontal winds started kicking up announcing "the arrival".

At 10.33 here is the view from the RV. Winds are rocking out there and it is 36 degrees.

At 10:39 here we were:

Close to noon, the rain was here, preceded from our vantage by a rainbow.

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