Friday, December 4, 2015

December 4, 2015 in Benson AZ

Here is how the day started, as caught from inside our Vilia.

Our RV place is up on a hillside overlooking the valley that Benson resides in. Here's a view from our favorite dumpster!

 Here is a better view...

And here is a nice shot from the edge of the RV park. That is I-10 in the very middle, next stop El Paso, TX. I-10 is a major trucking route. Those big dogs are rolling day and night.

Here's Hammett's place. Nope don't know 'em but I liked the ukulele.
Here is some Benson neighborhood desert landscaping.
Not all the roads are paved...

I dunno pal, I jest cain't seem to get 'er to start.
Ah, but this one is still running fine.
I am tempted to order a bouquet just to see what The Cowboy Way of flower arranging is all about.
The Horseshoe Cafe and a gal selling citrus from the truck bed.
A store side mural.
The Benson Motel. Sorry to say they have no rooms available. Good to know they have been Traveloring since the '30's.

You do not often see a home with the nose of an old airplane in the yard.
Hi Wo.
Products from the Benson Homemade Fence and Business Sign Company...

If you move here, there is a nice desert motif apartment complex.
And finally, a home entrance from the fancy part of town.