Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Vacation Away From A Vacation
We have returned to the road after an extended Halloween time visit with our daughter’s family in Sacramento. We placed Vilia in comfortable storage in Albuquerque and flew from there for the visit. We had a terrific time and anecdotes and photos will follow. Being back is the thought of the moment as I return to the blog. We had the need to bring Vilia in to an axle shop for alignment. From the blowout of a few weeks ago, we learned from the grossly uneven wear on the tire that we were out of line. Something Cathy says to me often, but I digress…It was good to be able to take advantage of a city. Aligning dual axle trailers is a specialty not encountered in the country.  So, we returned to ABQ Monday and after two hotel nights we retrieved the home gal from Albuquerque Brake and Alignment and drove the 150 miles it is to Elephant Butte, NM and are about to spend our first night back in Vilia.

Hmmm, how to comment on a town’s name that speaks for itself. Elephant Butte is the home of a state park/ large reservoir that is the principal water attraction for the state. Boat storage and overflowing lots of RV’s in hibernation are everywhere. It is a way station for us as we move to Alamogordo NM tomorrow to resume adventures with a visit to the White Sands National Monument. After three nights there, we will be bound for Carlsbad. It is good to be back!

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