Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Workamping And A Great Sandwich
We have seen this at some other of our past campgrounds. There is an organization called which posts numerous jobs available around the country for those folks out full time in their RV’s. For some, it is a desire to keep busy, for others a need so they can keep their lifestyle. Many of the jobs are 20-25 hours per week general maintenance/ jack of all trades type of positions at campgrounds. The most common “pay” for these is no charge camping at the park. At the top end is full time management of a campground. Salary plus free campsite. That is the case here in Silver City, New Mexico. What was fun, our check in gal, half of a husband-wife management team, had a distinct accent. Cathy asked her about it and she quickly said, “I don’t have an accent, everyone else does”. Then she flashed a big smile and said Maine. We then started talking about one of our favorite places in the world, my Sis and bro-in-law’s summer place at Coffee Pond in Casco, ME. They knew the area and Amato’s, one of the best places to get a Maine Italian Sandwich. We chatted a bit just hear the great Maine accent. “Ya cahn’t get they-uh from hee-uh”.  Now, all I’m thinking about is the Maine Sandwich. A great combination of ham, white american cheese,(sometimes provolone), sliced onion, tomato, green bell pepper, black olives and sour pickle on a roll slippery with an oily dressing. It can be approximated but not duplicated. The roll used, the local sour pickle and the New England style boiled ham can’t be found anywhere else. (At least not found yet…we’ve been trying for years!).

We leave today for Benson, AZ, where we will hopefully bask in warm sunshine up until we put Vilia in short term storage and fly to Sacramento for family Christmastime and a New Year gathering with dear friends back in St Helena. My first task, once we are set up at camp, will be to get to the grocery store and shop for rolls, ham, cheese, onion, bell pepper, tomato and hopefully find pickles that are not dill. You CANNOT use dill pickles for a Maine Sandwich. It is a sacrilege to do so. 

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  1. Interesting that folks can make money on the road. I was wondering how you handle mail. Are those Christmas Cards piling up at Helena?