Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rain In Texas

We are now midway into our fifth month of Vilia Adventures. Our weather this trip has been so mostly benign and sunny that an exception to that seems to make news.
Here in Terlingua, TX, today, November 14, 2015, it is rain showers for the next three days. Terlingua, population 60 or so, is today the gateway town to Big Bend National Park and an attraction of its own as the most visited ghost town in Texas, ghosting from its boomtown days in the late 1880's for a short lived period of "quicksilver" mining. It is supposed to be mild temps today, so we’ll be out doing something in this, kind of welcome to us, gray skies and spotty drops.

It is only our 2nd time with daytime rain of any note this trip. No surprise considering we have been mostly in the desert areas of the southwest and during a severe drought period.  We have encountered high winds and experienced temperatures from 28 to 106 degrees. Precipitation has been with us, but nicely keeping a pace behind us. Nice but we are also grateful as heavy rains, flash floods and mudslides came after our visits to parts of California and Utah. Heavy lightning strike thunderstorms then only weeks later measurable snow has followed our path in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Kind of feels like we’ve been on the run but the posse is catching up with us. The rain outside is intensifying as I write this.

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