Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hitchhiking Cowboy and Horse Follow-up
From an entry a few weeks back when we were at Alamogordo, NM:  I noted, (and so wish we had stopped to photo), a regular looking, almost Hollywood dressed, cowboy with his horse, out hitching a ride by the roadside.
 To use a phrase from our rural US roots, the image of this cowboy and horse has been “stuck in my craw” since. It was such an unusual thing to see, A western dressed young male, with saddled horse and bridle in hand, with a homeless style sign in black marker on cardboard saying “need ride to”… So stuck in my craw that in thinking about it, I remembered that the locale of this cowboy was on the edge of a parking lot of an Alamogordo restaurant. The restaurant name???  “Cowboy Steakhouse”. Ah-ha thinks I. Even though this part of the world does not have the Las Vegas type of tourist traffic to create a sales gimmick like this, I am convinced.
So I just called the Cowboy Steakhouse. The young lady who answered said it was nothing the restaurant was part of, although she did recall the fellow being out there some time ago. And THAT makes me think…really? So, good reader, (and thanks for taking the time to read us), I’ll leave it up to you. Real slice of Americana or unusual promo that this restaurant chooses to deny? I’ve googled hitchhiking cowboy and horse and pretty much nothing comes up, save for my own posts…

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