Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Big Bend Golf Club

Many who know me know of my joy in attempting to play golf. A short ride from our Terlingua RV site is a course, Lajitas, that has a state wide reputation as being one of the best. Today was my opportunity day but the winds were too strong to fight so I went over to the adjacent RV park course, called Big Bend Golf Club. Gosh it was grand. So glad greens fees were included in the price of camping. Here's the clubhouse.

Here's the "scorecard", there are only 4 holes open at this time.
Here's my Golf Cart

First green. Interesting ball mark repair using rabbit pellets, or is this just coincidence?
Difficult hazard given the maturing tumbleweed in the "sand" trap.
Ball washer was dry, but that's OK...it's a desert after all.

All in all, yet another enjoyable RV golf experience. I even sunk a 45 foot putt that hopped, skipped and bounced its way into the overgrown cup. I was, however, disappointed that there were no caddies working today. Hey, we're camping, can't have everything.

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