Friday, November 20, 2015


We bought our coach because it fulfilled some must haves on our shopping lists. It is built light enough that we can comfortably tow with a ¾ ton four tire truck, not needing the dual rear tires. It has a living room seating arrangement that has two comfy chairs directly across from the TV. It is amazing to us how many RV floor plans require an uncomfortable angle on view for TV watching. It has a 26” by 44” shower enclosure that I easily can stand upright in with my 6’ 4” frame. So many designs we shopped had snug corner shower units that I would have had to step out of to turn around and get back in to rinse off my back! One of the items we did not specifically look for was lighting. That has been a pleasant part of our travels with this Montana High Country 305RL. The coach has a wonderful array of lighting options. There are 22 LED ceiling lights, two LED hanging lights and two incandescent fixtures. 11 of these are individually switched. One of our favs is the single light within the head and shoulders cubbyhole of our bed. Seen here with spouse all cozy with computer, while I watched a Duke basketball game”downstairs”. (Three stairs down).

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