Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 11, Bridgeport CA
The drive from Graeagle to Bridgeport CA was 170 miles. We are finding that that is a good driving day. It is a steady mental exercise to tow our 5th wheel. We had ourselves weighed at the trip’s start and came in at 21,000 pounds, total. That is 2000 under what Ford says is the most total combined weight our truck is designed for.  But… you surely feel the weight as a driver.  I have found that glimpses of our drive- by scenery are all I can afford. There is a need for the sake of safety and preservation to stay focused on the road, its condition, the terrain, all vehicles, coming intersections and that staple of the USA roadways, the idiot driver. All of it makes for fatigue for the mind after time. Ah, OK, That’s enough RV driving school.
On to Bridgeport: If you have never taken US 395 from Reno south along the eastern side of the Sierras, please try to do so. The Sierras came up from the ancient, developing earth as a wedge, short high side on the East sloping down westward, ( with notable bumps, potholes and puddles along the way),  to the Great Central Valley of CA.  395 takes you down the majestic eastern side of these Sierra Mountains.  The access from 395 to so much high country beauty is as amazing as it is convenient.  For example, yesterday we drove from our camp spot by the Bridgeport Reservoir to the East Yosemite entrance out of Lee Vining up Tioga Pass, just 45 miles.  Talk about notable bumps, potholes and puddles. Tuolumne, Tenaya Lake, Olmstead Point, all within a very comfortable days outing.

As with Graeagle, all the natural lakes and ponds we saw at Yosemite were full, rivers flowing nicely.  By comparison, the Reservoir we are staying at in Bridgeport has retreated so that there is no longer boating access and a large grassy plain has evolved from what was once manmade lake.  This is common now in CA as we see so many reservoirs so depleted.  Hmmmm…, could one surmise Nature is better at handling Nature’s weather whims and ways than man?  Go figure!

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  1. Hi Guys, we miss you every Friday night! Did you stop and eat at the gas station at Lee Vining? There used to be (not sure if it's still there) a surprisingly great eatery inside! Thanks for all the postings and photos, we love reading of your adventures.