Monday, August 31, 2015

More Golf and a nice encounter for Cathy

Close down the road is Sand Hollow Resort. It boasts a golf course that is as fine as I’ve ever seen and it is truly in the midst of what seems like that proverbial address, Plum Duck Nowhere. Or, something like that. I was out there today and it was as scenic as I have experienced on a golf course.
There's a video file attached, maybe. (First try at video.)

While I tried to be Greg Norman, (did not happen….again! darn), Cathy went due south about 50 miles over the AZ border to Pipe Springs National Monument.  This place is an oasis in this high desert area, (fresh water!), and was once sacred ground to our Native Americans of the area. As with so many other similar stories of early settling, white man came in and took the spring over. Bye bye sacred, hello commercialism.  Thankfully, this was reversed in the 20’s and it became protected land.

Cathy had a great visit and one of the highlights was the fact the park had a vegetable garden that was maintained by three Native Americans. Cathy was informed that price of entry entitled a visitor to their own harvest from the garden. She ended up meeting the garden supervisor who was more than happy to provide her with a tidy harvest of various squash, some okra, (which I am pickling in the fridge), and some corn. Wonderful small ears of an heirloom strain of no use to a supermarket. The “Supe” said to Cathy that the corn is so good, you should have it raw. Which we did in tonight’s salad dinner.  The corn had a fine, earthy/grassy taste and plenty of sugar. Yum.

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