Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why our RV is called Vilia

Why our RV is called Vilia.....

Bob had the Randels as next door neighbors since he was born....Janises  were very close to them....we always visited with them  whenever we went to Connecticut....Mrs. Randel always did  scrapbooks for all her trips and I loved looking at them  with her.....In the 1960s they had a Motorhome.....they  travelled with it but often put it on a piece of property in  the woods in Vermont that they owned....( good sense of  humers....they cleared the property of some trees, leaving  the stumps...and named the property  "Stumphenge".....They named the Motorhme,  Vilia....which is from a Wagner Opera and means "witch  of the woods"....Bob's parents often visited the  Randels in Vilia in the we always heard lots of  Vilia tales....long ago we talked to Randels about our  buying a motor home....and told them we would name ours  Vilia....In the 1990s, when the Randels were in their 80s,  they sold their MH....and shipped us their set of Corelle  dishes that they used in their MH....I hate the pattern (blue) but we use them anyway as we feel the spirit of the  Randels is always with us in our travels....The Randels were  so nice....when Bob was 8 years old Jeff Randel went away to  college, leaving his full set of drums in the Randel's  basement....The Randels let Bob come over anytime to play  the drums....he spent hours there, teaching himself the  drums....can you get rid of your drumming son  and you let the kid next door pound on the drums in your  house....They were Saints!


  1. Aha, the answer that I have wanted to ask. Great story!

  2. I was always impressed by their generosity and kind spirit. This was evident to me as a young kid, and hopefully has helped to shape my values and behavior as I go on through my life journey. Barb