Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Serene Majesty
Zion, day one. Soaring peaks, mighty rock facings bold in their sheerness, amazing plateaus and all accented in handsome earthy red tones.  Cathy and I have an affinity for red rock landscape. When it is magnificent, as it is here in and around Zion, it provides inspiration in a sense of awe. Red rock was one of the forces behind our scheduling a month in southern Utah as part of this journey.   We are also curious to see where all those car commercials are filmed ;-).

I write this the morning after and we are greeted today by rain. What they call “Monsoonal Moisture” in these parts. Wells up from Arizona this time of year. How nice the rain is to us drought weary folks!  This is our first rain in Vilia and the sound is delightful. The roof is insulated with 4” thick foam and it gives the raindrops a muted pleasant plop. Seriously, it’s a pleasant plop. Cathy just looked over my shoulder  and said I should stop. Stop with the pleasant plop? Okay, it is supposed to start clearing by mid day. I need to make our lunch to take with.

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