Tuesday, August 4, 2015


We have been gone one month now, One month from St Helena. We have been staying close to Sacramento for the last few weeks to stay close to family there. Dear family it is.
As we have learned, in our current camping experiences and prior test runs done since our Vilia purchase in August 2014, many RV parks are glorified parking lots. A place to park while visiting area attractions, or just a place to drop anchor while in transit. Not the charm and/or home feel of a neighborhood or resort.
We have encountered a few so far that have reinforced the reason we are doing what we are doing and Rivers Edge near Graeagle CA defines it all well.  That is where we landed yesterday for a week's stay . Enjoy the photos below, taken from our campsite.. (not snow...gravel, if you were wondering...!). Just a very pretty place to be.

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