Saturday, August 22, 2015

No Hiking in Las Vegas for Bob and Cathy!!!

We arrived in Las Vegas on Weds (Aug 19th)….to 116 degrees!....Whoa…that is hot!! At almost 9:00 pm it was still 100 degrees……and at 3 in the morning it was 92!  .A bit of time at the pool for the first two days. Las Vegas does have some great restaurants so we went to Rao’s (Original one in New York)…..Hugest (and best) meatballs ever……..had a wine that we had had in Italy so that was a treat. Went to Roubouchan…he has restaurants worldwide but Las Vegas is only USA one….very French, multiple courses.….we sat at  bar and were able to watch the chef’s prepare the dishes….had a foie gras, topped with a wine reduction and Parmesan foam…..a liquid appetizer…Haven’t had a good Parmesan foam in ages :)  .  Spent one day at Mandalay Bay’s fancy pool on a day pass.  Saw “O’, the Cirque do Soleil production…which was breath-taking….actually felt like I held my breath for half the show…If you go to LV I highly highly,highly recommend it….it is so unique and such a spectacular!,Went to the Clark County Museum, a small, low-tech museum in Henderson, away from the LV glitz......This area has an interesting history....just love small museums!

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  1. Did you have a "wild party" with Dino? Any other of the rat pack in attendance.