Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Hot
August 18 in Barstow CA.
4:30 PM, it is 109 degrees out. Our living area air conditioner is going full blast and we are at 86 inside. Our Vilia came from the manufacturer with a “cut out” blank in the ceiling in the bedroom, (which is up front, hangs over the truck bed when connected), to add a second air cond and we had that done just before our departure. Good call! The bedroom is currently a comfy 74.  That aside, 109 is really hot but what else should it be? After all, we are in the Mojave Desert, and it is August.  Actually, I have always tolerated heat well and rather enjoy it. But the wisdom gained with age says to take it easy at times like this and I do. My cousin John uses the term Elder instead of Senior Citizen. I like it and this Elder will not be jogging this day. Of course, I would not go jogging if it was 50 out, but my exercise habits are fodder for another post.
Specifically, we are not in Barstow, we are in Yermo. Here is what Wikipedia says about Yermo, and, this is the type of on-line wandering one does when living in an RV and it is 109 degrees outside.

When the Interstate 15 highway opened in 1968, Yermo was immediately bypassed by traffic traveling to and from Las Vegas, Nevada. As a result, 90 percent of its local businesses were required to close.[citation needed] During its heyday, Yermo had 27 gas stations with mechanics, seven bars, two grocery stores, a hardware store, a pizza shop, four real estate offices, three motels, a thrift store, several restaurants, roadside camping sites and two parks.[citation needed] In 2009, it had one grocery/general store, one bar, one thrift store, three restaurants, four gas stations, one park, and one motel three miles south of town.[citation needed] The fast-food restaurant chain Del Taco was founded in Yermo in 1964;[2] the original structure remains active as a local fast food restaurant, The Burger Den.


  1. We've had a few days of close to 90 in NH, not really a fan of those temps

  2. Bob and Cathy, I don't envy that temperature.....BEASTLY hot........yes it's been in the 90's here and humid for several days..........phew phew...
    I was able to hit the beach Thurs, Friday and on sunday a friend's pool, so that was some relief. But I could use a cool off today..........guess it'll have to be a shower and a/c. Thank goodness I my house has central air. :) SOunds like you're having a blast............great trip......... hope to see you when you're out this way..............

  3. Hey there. Loving your travels and journals. We've had hot days, but live in the water and don't feel it at all. Window fan keeps us so cool at night we use light blanket. Love being here at the lake!! Mike Janis coming today with Eddie and his crew. No sun!!