Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Graeagle

Graeagle CA, the Mohawk Valley, and more. Early August, 2015

Knucklehead moved on after our first couple of days in Clio. We stayed on for 5 more nights, including a 2 night visit by our daughter and her fine family. Our young granddaughters were also able to have along special friends. We had a wonderful time all together and enjoyed the area’s stunning beauty. At 5500 feet above the sea, the Mohawk Valley is a large, healthy High Sierra masterpiece. It is a Mecca for hikers, golfers, ( I had a dozen courses within an hour’s drive, most 45 minutes and less), bikers, fishing&boating folk and all currently for good cause. California is in a drought, but it is not evident here. This is a part of the Sierra that has an abundance of natural lakes.  We saw some and they were all full. Creeks were flowing and the vegetation everywhere was rich and in a healthy state of natural color.  Our camp here has embedded fond memories for our trip, and we’ve just begun.

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