Saturday, August 29, 2015

We took the 30 mile drive today from our camp to go to the isolated north entrance to Zion at Kolob Canyons. It is separate from the “main” part of Zion. The experience there is a 5 mile drive up with views  galore and a few hiking trails along the way. At the top is a benign walk to a remarkable vista point.  From this vista we could look SW and about 130 miles at the distant horizon was the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  About half way back down, we parked and walked the Taylor Creek Trail which leads into a slot canyon between mighty vertical red rock monoliths.  Powerful Nature.
What was an incongruous part of the day is the stretch of US 15 we were on for a dozen miles or so to get to this place. Speed limit 80! Drive that fast, (we didn’t…I have a hard time going that fast in our 7500 lb truck), then to park and amble on foot by a creek through forest with towering walls of rock looming on both sides.  It just seems kind of silly?

Gosh, it is pretty here.

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