Friday, August 7, 2015



RE: Our newest next door neighbors here at Rivers Edge RV Park in Clio CA.  A Nice couple with an unusual dog.
The pooch is very large and drooly. As soon as they were set into their campsite, Ms. walked over to us bubbling with chattiness, and the dog. Here’s the opening delivery, “He’s a Mastiff/Boxer mix gentle as the dope that he is. Don’t be frightened by his size.  I call my husband Knucklehead so I decided to call the dog the same.”
What does a traveling blogger do with material like this if not to share it? Knucklehead is a wonderful sight to see. He looks just like a gooey mouthed canine version of Edgar Bergen’s comical puppet character, Mortimer Snerd.  And, he is a dope. You can just tell by the way he moves and sounds. For example, imagine the sound a 4 ton boulder might make as it would slide to a halt into a giant mound of Jello. I hear a mmuffflurp kind of sound and that is Knucklehead’s bark, ”mmufflurp”, followed by  the Ms. saying “No barking, Knucklehead”. Barking? Is that what “mmufflurp” is?

 I love the dog. Would I want to share my RV with him? Nooooooooo.  But, they are nice neighbors.

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